The Grow Programme is all about capturing, developing and maintaining creative and divergent thinking in students. It provides a teacher supervised, online teaching resource using a real world micro business model that embraces and demonstrates new technologies. It begins with your organisation and your community.  Our mission is to establish a brand that is synonymous with nurturing mindfulness, encouraging creative, critical and holistic thinking whilst redirecting profits from everyday items back into your community. The Grow Programme is about the future of the workforce, the changing nature of contemporary workplaces and preparing students for the new economy.



Grow sits with

Certificate II 20113 Skills for work and Vocational Pathways

Certificate II Business Services 

Certificate III Retail




It begins with understanding what it means to be a mindful consumer, and can grow into the delivery of a fully interactive, online teaching resource centre that equips students with the skills to operate a community-minded micro business using real products. The Grow Programme facilitates your school or organisation to develop and directly manage your own state of the art online shop via our website.The Grow Programme has built the scaffolding for you to generate great outcomes for your community via a powerful teaching resource, no setting up expensive web shops, or spending hours trawling the net for products and printers, it is all available via The Grow Programme platform.




The Grow Programme offers two options:


1. Purchase custom made items through The Grow Programme for your fundraising activities. Your organisation can register and online shop with access provided to promotional on line resources to assist with your sales.


2. Your school embraces The Grow Programme as an online teaching resource centre which offers a comprehensive programme that covers all aspects of establishing and running a micro business, from being a consumer to where profits end up. It fits with existing teaching courses with flexibility for teachers to pick and choose relevant components to suit student requirements.The Programme uses real products to generate real profit which can go back to your school or community project. Importantly, The Grow Programme offers contemporary software that can be constantly updated as new business resources become available providing students job ready skills. The Grow Programme is a safe, teacher supervised resource centre that links with current student software. We envisage that the Grow school community will organically grow into a connected online community to share in outcomes, strategies, successes and challenges in a supportive supervised environment.