Linking Sustainability with
eCommerce to Teach Skills for Life.

State of the Art Online Teaching for Schools


The Grow Programme links all the skills and knowledge learned at school to an online teacher supervised, micro business run by students online. It has been mapped to the assessment criteria for Formal Qualifications, Work Education and is endorsed by the NSW Department of Education and approved for mandatory work experience. Our state of the art, project based teaching system includes all your teaching resources, course mapping, scope and sequence and more, all in one centralised location. We connect Grow Programme teachers online to exchange and share ideas and experiences to create an online teacher community for support and collaboration for the online delivery of school courses.

Our focus is on the practices and processes of a modern, online business, how individual skills come together and how every role is important in a real business. Simply, a single online programme using an online teaching shop and real products. A teaching system which suits students at all levels of competency, from very basic workplace skills right through to coding, online stock control, business management and so much more.

In addition – Mentoring is provided in

GrowTECH provides mentoring the latest in IT so that students and teachers can keep ahead of the game.

Grow Business and Marketing provides mentoring for students to understand how business connects with customers.

Grow into a Great Job provides all the tips and skills to secure that first job or pave a way to further education and training based on the knowledge and skills acquired working in your school’s Grow Programme micro business.

Curriculum Areas

Work Education 7-10

Work Studies Stage 6

Business Studies


Approved as In School Work Experience – Online

Formal Qualifications

FSK 20113 Cert II Skills for Work and Vocational Pathways

BSB 20115 Cert II in Business

SIR 30216 Cert III Retail



A school testimonial about Grow

…Inspirational Student Outcomes

Read about how a student with poor attendance began showing up for classes every day to be a part of the Grow Programme.


What we Understand


Corona Virus has changed the delivery of education in Australia for the foreseeable future

Until recently – Students needed to comply with the NEW HSC requirements from 2020 – This has now changed

Teaching has gone on line

Schools need to keep pace with a dynamic new online economy and job market.

Teachers are time poor and budgets are tight.

Experiential and project-based learning works and is the future of education.

Teachers need easy to deliver programmes that have already been DET mapped to qualifications and courses with all resources in ONE online location. Less time spent on administration and more on delivery.

Student Work Experience can be conducted online in school to meet qualifications and standards – as approved by DET NSW

All students are not suited to a path to university. Every student has skills that can be developed into a path to a meaningful job and career, particularly students failing in current courses. The Grow Programme demonstrates, through hands-on learning, that every role, in every business is important, there is a place for everyone.

The process of securing employment has changed. Different industries take different approaches to recruitment. Students need to be kept abreast of industry recruitment practices which are changing all the time.

Being an entrepreneur involves a complex process. The easy road to riches is simply a myth unless you have considerable cultural capital and close mentors. The Grow Programme is about understanding all aspects of business and how individual skills fit commercially together. In other words, looking at the practices, processes, language, numeracy, communication skills, codes of conduct and professional expectations involved in specific areas of everyday business. Through this analysis, students can identify how skills fit into job roles or further education, whilst being given the knowledge to be self-reflective on their individual journey to life outside of school..

Understanding business leads to a mindful approach to consumption which impacts on the environment, health and many social issues.



Students at Callahan College, Jesmond applying their individual talents and working collaboratively on their Grow Programme business. Their beautiful Indigenous designs are about to make a big splash on sustainable bags and mugs to raise money for their school projects.

The Grow Programme is an entrepreneurial example of recognising an opportunity for schools to redirect profits from everyday reusable items back into education via a teaching and learning model. It provides students with skills and qualifications, raises money for your school and teaches that great things can happen when individuals work together. All the profits from your school Grow Programme micro business go back to your school.


Your Grow Teaching Programme includes:


An online, teacher delivery programme for students to run a teacher supervised, micro business using real products with a focus on sustainability that is mapped to curriculum courses.


A teacher supervised and pass worded Online Shop


A self-funded system


Links with STEAM Subjects


Fits with Formal Qualifications and Curriculum Areas


A Step by Step Handbook with video tutorial support that links with The Department of Education.


An Online Noticeboard for schools to exchange entrepreneurial ideas and Grow Programme activities.


An online Teachers Resources Centre.


Online mentoring for classes and individuals including -Grow into a Great Job, Grow Tech and Grow BUsiness and Marketing.


Sits with Sustainability Courses.


An opportunity to showcase student art on products that are reuseable.


Use as part of – Existing courses. Sustainability Programmes. Standalone Projects. Senior Year Courses. Compulsory Work Experience. Skills for work. Pathways Programmes…..and so much more

Not for Profit Organisations and Indigenous Communities.


Your Grow Programme online shop is a cost-effective way to generate profits from merchandise without expensive IT set up and running costs. A minimum 12-month subscription for $50 per month will get you online with an eCommerce shop that can link to your homepage. The cost of the shop is covered by the funds you generate from the sale of your merchandise, effectively making your online shop self-funded. (terms and conditions apply)