Linking Sustainability with
eCommerce to Teach Skills for Life.

Primary and High Schools



To Understand business is to understand a huge part of life, weather we are employees, consumers or budding entrepreneurs. The Grow Programme embraces the concept of “think global, act local” and takes a mindful approach to provide online resources for teaching project-based, e Commerce skills for the new economy. Our centralised online teaching system uses a self-funded, micro business model to demonstrate to students the relevance of STEAM subjects to everyday life, sustainability and employment in the new economy.

The Grow Programme includes


A universal e-commerce system for students to run a teacher supervised, micro business using real products with a focus on sustainability.
An Online Shop
A self-funded system
Links with STEAM Subjects
Formal Qualifications – Certificate II 20113 Skills for work and Vocational Pathways, Certificate II Business Services, Certificate III Retail
A 34-week Step by Step Programme with online support.
An Art Marketplace for schools to showcase art, music, indigenous culture, craft and music.
A National Online Noticeboard for schools to exchange entrepreneurial ideas and Grow Programme activities.
An online Teachers Resources Centre .
Grow into a Great Job, all the tools you need to secure a great job.
Sits with Sustainability Courses .
Use as part of – Existing courses. Sustainability Programmes. Standalone Projects. Senior Year Courses. Compulsory Work Experience. Skills for work. Pathways Programmes…..and so much more


Students at Callahan College, Jesmond applying their individual talents and working collaboratively on their Grow Programme business. Their beautiful Indigenous designs are about to make a big splash on sustainable bags and mugs to raise money for their school projects.

Not for Profit Organisations and Indigenous Communities.


Your Grow Programme online shop is a cost-effective way to generate profits from merchandise without expensive IT set up and running costs. A minimum 12-month subscription for $50 per month will get you online with an eCommerce shop that can link to your homepage. The cost of the shop is covered by the funds you generate from the sale of your merchandise, effectively making your online shop self-funded. (terms and conditions apply)