About The Grow Programme

Teaching the New Economy via Sustainability.


The Grow Programme is the intellectual property of Jane Pascall who has a degree in Social Science majoring in Politics and a lifelong career in Marketing, Event management and Public Relations. Jane is connected with some of Australia’s largest community events including establishing Clean Up Australia in Victoria for Ian Kiernan, Melbourne’s Bicentennial celebrations and Greening Australia’s Spring Planting Festival and many other major promotions conducted by some of Australia’s largest marketers.

For the last 7 years Jane has run her marketing services business focusing on schools and the not for profit sector. At the core of Jane’s career has been the recognition that when the business sector and communities work with governments, great things happen. Jane’s latest campaign is to tackle sustainability using an on line education system with focus on the new economy, e commerce and contemporary job skills.

Jane has pulled together a dynamic team of passionate and talented professionals with a wealth of experience in all facets of running a business. In consultation with N.S.W Department of Education and Training, teachers, students, business owners, schools, marketing experts, graphic designers, business mentors, HR consultants , IT consultants and a myriad of organisations in the not for profit sector……2 years later……….developing the programme along the way………. The Grow Programme is ready to seed and flourish in your school or not for profit organisation to highlight that individuals can make a difference.


What we know


  • Schools, Not for Profit Organisations and Indigenous Communities need to keep pace with a new and rapidly changing online economy. The digital divide continues to broaden and needs to be addressed.
  • Teachers are time poor and budgets are tight.
  • E commerce courses are individually expensive (min$2000 to $7000) and are not offered in schools.
  • The issue of the digital divide is resulting in students from lower socioeconomic backgrounds falling behind and being denied access to a large proportion of the job market.
  • The current issue of sustainability can empower students to initiate individual choices to create broader change.
  • Practices and processes can add to the problem of sustainability or assist in tackling it.
  • Experiential and project learning works. Not all students are suited to traditional ways of learning and not all students want or need to go to university to be successful.
  • Research as far back as 2007 concludes that great student outcomes can be generated using a hands on approach to demonstrate the relevance of STEAM to real life.
  • The new economy requires new knowledge, different communications skills, a better understanding of the job market – How and where individual skills are applied to employment.
  • Students have very good social media skills and fall short with on line business skills.
  • Even in the simplest business model, there are roles for everyone to make a meaningful contribution within a micro business teaching model, weather it be applying creative thinking to product design and marketing, people skills to customer service, spreadsheets to analyse profit and loss, organising and packing stock,production skill for making an advertisement, music for a jingle, managing a small team or understanding coding and more.
  • Individual choices need to be mindful of broader considerations.
  • Accountability to a broader group is fundamental to learning life skills which can be applied to employment, consumption and life.
  • Activities that happen in the bounds of schools are not online for the world to see – for example art, craft and music.


The Grow Programme Solution


We have developed the resources for your school to run a Grow Programme within your specifications and according to your student or organisation’s cohort, from a simple single project to a fully comprehensive micro business.

Our objectives.

  • To teach students the skills needed for the new economy via a sustainability, micro online business model.
  • To provide teachers with online connection to other Grow Programme schools for the exchange of ideas
  • To provide centralised online resources to teach the process that converts an entrepreneurial idea into a real business using a self funded e-commerce system which breaks down all areas of business.
  • To embrace a mindful approach to teach sustainability using a hands on approach with real products.
  • To connect the issue of sustainability with the practices and processes of business and consumption.
  • To demonstrate to students how to work towards an agreed set of business goals, highlighting how individual jobs interlink to a broader entity and how every role in a business is important.
  • Encourage self analysis using a  “have a go” ethos for students to try a myriad of business related jobs in a safe, supervised environment.
  • “Mistakes are great learning opportunities” to build problem solving skills, resilience and a “can do” attitude.
  • No textbooks, just a contemporary “hands on” approach to teaching and learning that can be assessed in the classroom via observational assessment.
  • As individual and group confidence builds, so does the level of sophistication within the Grow Programme.
  • Your Grow Programme can begin in primary school with a simple sustainability project and go through to to year 12.
  • To develop a programme that sits with formal qualifications and is recognised as work experience.
  • Involve the support of Parents and Friends and local community groups.
  • To provide one central online location for resources, products and connections to all other schools in the Grow Programme.
  • A step by step 34 week programme that is totally flexible.
  • To take schools beyond the physical boundaries of the school hall with our online Art Gallery to showcase student work.
  • To complete the programme with an employment mentoring programme that mirrors the skills learnt in the Grow Programme.
  • To provide schools with the ability to access the latest in what is happening in the online business world.

1990 – Jane with Bob Hawk and Sir John Landy at the Media Centre at The Victorian Arts’ Centre for Clean Up Australia Day – add thirty more years of business experience, a few kilos, lots of fantastic contacts, mentors and friends,  2 wonderful children, a Degree and some tricky life challenges along the way and Grow has sprouted!