Step One – Register your school via our online registration process

Step Two – Your School will receive a 12 month contract to an online shop at a cost of $50 per month plus GST, payable 12 months in advance. This will be Invoiced from Jane Pascall Marketing Services. Returned your signed contract to along with payment for your shop as indicated on the invoice.The 2020 subscription to the teaching programme and all resources will be $1500 plus GST which can be funded by the profits from your Grow Programme

Step Three –within 48 hours of your registration and payment being received your generic online shop will allocated to make it your own by using the built in customising system. (refer separate manual on how your shop works). We will provide you with 2 online sessions with our IT team to assist in setting up your shop and answer any questions.You will also be provided access passwords for only teachers to access the Grow Programme Resource centre.

Step FourOrdering Stock To keep prices as affordable as possible, stock is printed overseas and will take 28 working says from the time the art approval sheet is signed by the supervising teacher. Shorter lead times are available at a slightly higher prices – using local printers.

Art is required in vectored outlined format created in art software only  (an eps or ai file) with a matching Jpeg or PDF file. Suggested sustainable products are available for sale via The Grow Programme web shop www.thegrowprogramme/school shop. Other merchandise can be viewed at You will need to request a quote for your specific requirements and attached art to your request.

  1. Go to wwwthegrowprogramme/school shop
  2. Select the product you wish to purchase for your shop
  3. Go to the product details – note the PRINT AREA specifications and create your art according to these dimensions.
  4. Attach your proposed art in EPS  or AI FORMAT with matching JPEG files to your purchase using the icon in the shop.
  5. You will receive a confirmation that your order has been received
  6. Within 48 hours you will receive an art sign off sheet within 3 days of your order being placed. This sheet will need to be signed, dated and returned by the supervising teacher by email for your order to proceed, the 28 day production time begins on the day the approved art is received and is subject to customs timing.
  7. Schools take delivery of the stock and implement their micro Grow Programme strategies for their micro business.

NOTE – while stock is being printed, your micro business teams can plan to implement marketing and distribution strategies, perhaps meet with local community and sporting groups with a view to supporting the programme. Utilise social media, link your shop address to your school home page, create a video/TV ad campaign and or a video presentation – all ready to implement by the time the stock arrives. Liaise with other schools on The Grow Programme by using the Grow Programme online teacher group to exchange ideas – created to support this process. Let others know what is working in your school and how you have solved any challenges.



Students in the Grow Programme experience first hand the relationship of STEM courses to the world outside the boundaries of school. Deconstructing business means that individual skills can be matched to roles that come together in a collaborative approach to learning skills for work. Embracing a mindful approach to making decisions can build confidence to ‘have a go’ at applying for employment,choosing a career path, starting an enterprise or setting out in the adult world. Students are encouraged to be accountable to each other and learn how every role is important at every level. In essence, how individual skills come together to create outcomes.

The Grow Programme fits with

Certificate II 20113 Skills for work and Vocational Pathways

Certificate II Business Services 

Certificate III Retail

One centralised online location for teaching skills for the new economy.

Your Grow Programme business can be the online equivalent to a small market stall or a corner shop through to a multi store online shopping mall. The level of sophistication can fit with the level that suits your student cohort. We offer state of the art software that features in contemporary online businesses including on line stock management and postage and handling systems if required.

Under Teacher supervision, students participate in operating a micro business that sells actual products generating real income with profits going back to your funding your programme and your local community. The programme provides students with a learning journey starting with planning and development, market research, designing artwork to specification, understanding how marketing works, basic accounting, administration, logistics, communications, event management, graphic design and basic human relations. Students are provided an opportunity to grow in confidence by developing individual skills whilst working collaboratively. It reinforces a message of the importance of every role in business. Holistically, It plants the seeds to develop a mindful approach to general decision making in adult life.


Plastic bags are currently being phased out. Every household will need to purchase multiple re-usable bags with coffee cups soon to follow. Retailers and supermarkets will sell millions of their branded reusable bags and reusable coffee cups to make a profit. The Grow Programme provides a means to redirect some of the profits from the sale of these items back to your school and your community via a powerful teaching resource.

The Nuts and Bolts of the Programme

  • High Schools select and purchase products from the Grow Programme Web Site.
  • All online resources for your school programme are located in a pass worded area via the Grow Programme Website
  • Purchase products at very competitive prices. Quantities start at 100
  • It is up to your school to determine your selling prices for your products..
  • Schools market their individualised items and encouraged to call upon the support of local community groups, Parents and Friends and local businesses.
  • Schools will be listed and promoted on the Grow Programme Website.
  • We want to encourage the active exchange of ides via our Teacher Noticeboard.
  • Customers can visit your individual school shops via the Grow Programme or a link fro your school home page.
  • Shops are designed by students using back end Graphics tools, explained in the 2 live online IT tutorial sessions provided.
  • Stock can be managed using a fully automated stock control facility built into your web shop if required if require

Parents and Friends 

For Parents, Friends and Organisations, the Grow Programme provides a really easy way to generate funds for your organisation. It addresses the issue of busy working parents, who are time poor, and to actively engage with their school community outside of the school. It is also a way to sell products that EVERY household will need and be buying. Your Parents and friends can link with your schools academic activities, essentially linking your entire community with one objective.