Easy steps to get started

Step One – Register your school via our online registration process

Step Two – Your School will receive a 12 month contract to an online shop at a cost of $50 per month plus GST, payable 12 months in advance. This will be Invoiced from Jane Pascall Marketing Services. Returned your signed contract to along with payment for your shop as indicated on the invoice.

Step Three –within 48 hours of your registration and payment being received your generic online shop will allocated to make it your own by using the built in customising system. (refer separate manual on how your shop works).

You will also be provided access passwords for teachers only to access the Grow Programme Resource centre. Students can access all Grow Programme resources via their usual software – for example Moodle or Canvas.

Step FourOrdering Stock To keep prices as affordable as possible, stock is printed overseas and will take 28 working says from the time the art approval sheet is signed by the supervising teacher. Shorter lead times are available at a slightly higher price – using local printers. Art is required in vectored format (an eps or ai file) with a matching Jpeg or PDF file. You can locate the Grow Programme Products at The Grow Programme Home page where a range of reusable bags, mugs and Grow Products for kids are located.

  1. Chose your products and the quantity you require and email a request for a quote to .
  2. We will generate a quote including your printed area, set up fees and freight. Once the quote is approved by email from a supervising teacher, your order will go into our production system.
  3. You will receive an art sign off sheet within 3 days of your order being placed. This sheet will need to be signed, dated and returned by email for your order to proceed, the 28 day production time begins on the day the approved art is received and is subject to customs timing.
  4. Schools take delivery of the stock and implement their micro Grow Programme strategies for their micro business.

NOTE – while stock is being printed, your micro business teams can plan a company structure, allocate jobs and responsibilities, create a marketing and promotions plan, discuss logistics and design your online shop, create a TV ad campaign and or a video presentation – all ready to implement by the time the stock arrives. Liaise with other schools on The Grow Programme. The Grow programme has been designed to create its own community to support this process. Let others know what is working in your school and how you have solved any challenges.

The Grow Programme Philosophy

The Grow Programme highlights how everyday decisions are very powerful and can make a big difference to health, the environment and communities. Consumer decisions are influenced and manipulated by sophisticated marketing strategies designed to persuade us to think a certain way, hold a certain opinion and act or respond accordingly. Understanding business and marketing is essential to understanding a huge part of life. Even if a student pursues a career outside of business, the student will still be a consumer from a very young age. Being a consumer involves a process of weighing up information and making choices based on that knowledge. Consuming creates profit. Basic psychology tells us that successful long term behavioural outcomes stem from choice rather than instruction. The Grow Programme seeks to develop a mindful approach to what it is to be a consumer by deconstructing how business works. The Grow Programme offers a comprehensive, interactive online teaching resource with a hands- on approach to support Primary and Secondary Schools and Organisations. It uses the sale of customised everyday items to create profits that go back to local communities. Joining the Grow Programme means your organisation will become part of a much bigger picture, a grass roots movement to educate students about choice, and how to create and implement a business strategy that has the power to Grow great outcomes for local communities.

Here is a current Opportunity for your school to GROW its fundraising

Plastic bags are currently being phased out. Every household will need to purchase multiple re-usable bags with coffee cups soon to follow. Retailers and supermarkets will sell millions of their branded reusable bags and reusable coffee cups to make a profit. The Grow Programme provides your organisation with the means to produce products with your design to redirect profits from the sale of these items back to your school and your community.