Your Management Team


Supervising Teacher

Management structure – Positions with job descriptions.

All departments are interlinked and report to the Management Team

Your Product Development Team


Team Structure

Selection of product

Allocated Budget

Cost of product

Cost of decoration

Cost of freight

Develop a collaborative approach to selecting a design taking into account cost analysis and market demographics.

Other associated costs to get the product to the customer – are we going to make a profit? What is our customer prepared to pay

Your Graphics Team


Understanding Logo/ corporate image and decoration on the product

Designing a decoration that will appeal to your customer base.

Understanding your market –  For example are your customers students, Parents and friends or other people in your community with a particular interest or theme.

Understanding how to incorporate a compulsory element into a design – eg The Grow Programme Web address.

Understanding the difference between one colour, two colour screen printing techniques versus full colour digital.

Understanding vectored art files created in art software.

Understanding that graphics have to work within the constraints of an allocated budget

Templates for promotional material such as banners, online and company communication

Your Marketing Team


Develop a market analysis and communications strategy

What are the key benefits and reasons for why customers will want to buy your product

Understanding who your customers (demographics) age, job, budget and motivation to spend

Understanding that different market segments require different communication. For example, Parents and Friends, the local community, local sporting groups, local community will find out about your product via a number of media streams.

Develop simple strategies to generate sales working with your sales team department

Social Media and how web analytics works

Printed material


Web shop promotion

Online communication

Understanding how to use an online blog and communicating important information back to your company departments

Understand the basics of Public Relations – how to use the power of media to generate profit

Learn how to structure a simple Press Release

Your Administration Team

 Learn office software

How to write a letter

How to process an order

Stock Control

How to communicate with other departments

Verbal and written communications skills

Your Customer Service Team


Develop written and verbal communication skills to use when interacting with potential customers.

Develop skills in presentation.

Develop a sales strategy that aligns with marketing objectives

Your Logistics Team

 Stock Control – storage

Monitor Web Shop for stock reordering levels

Preparing orders for dispatch

Order processing

Product Distribution

Your Human Resourses Team

 Management team and positions with job descriptions.

Developing Job Descriptions – Team leaders and positions.

Writing a job description.

Writing an advertisement for a position

Gaining an understanding for what individual departments are responsible for and their staff requirement

Interviewing techniques for positions

Follow up with employees and team leaders to monitor staff

Staff welfare

Allocating staff according to requirements when circumstances change

Your Accounting Team

Team structure -Team Leader and members with specific roles and responsibilities

Allocated budget  – cost of web shop, promotion, sundry expenses

Cost of products and all expenses associated with getting the product in the hands of your customer such as web shop, promotional material,

Cost associated with generating sales.

Promotion and marketing costs

Logistics and distribution costs

The difference between Gross Profit and Nett Profit.

Understanding how to seek a quote and the process of placing an official order and the legal obligations of that order.

Establish a micro business using a free online accounting service

Your I.T Team


Design an online shop via the grow web site with links back to your organisation

Manage social media via access to supervised Facebook and Instagram pages

Gain an insight into Data collection and the power of analytics

Gain insights sales analysis.