The home of The Grow Programme is your organisation and your community.

Are you an organisation who has not got the time, the resources or the skills to establish a web shop?

When your organisation links with the Grow Programme we can provide you with the option to have an online Web shop that links back to your organisation for a small monthly fee. This means you can sell Grow Programme products to your community and the profits can be used for your projects.

Here is the Opportunity to GROW your fundraising

Plastic bags are currently being phased out. Every household will need to purchase multiple re-usable bags with coffee cups soon to follow. Retailers and supermarkets will sell millions and millions of their branded reusable bags and reusable coffee cups to make a profit. The Grow Programme provides a means to redirect some of the profits from the sale of these items back to your school and your community

  • Purchase products from the Grow Programme to sell to their school community.
  • Quantities start at 100
  • you have the option to have a Grow Programme online shop
  • Organisations will be listed and promoted on the Grow Programme Website
  • Join an online social media community – Facebook and Instagram
  • Access to a Noticeboard which will have updates on upcoming activities and current news stories of what programmes are growing as a result of the Grow Programme and their efforts.
  • Your organisation will become part of a grass roots movement to channel funds back to local communities and charities.