Congratulations for choosing the Grow programme to run in your school – we are really looking forward to watching our on line teacher community Grow. We are all about creating great outcomes for students and making working life easier for teachers in Australia. We are always open to your contributions for our resources centre, so please feel free to share ideas, links and strategies that may assist the delivery of your courses.

Your teacher access to all resources in The Grow Programme is made available on receipt of full payment for your 12 month contract for your shop and the subscription to our resources. Please read the Terms and Conditions carefully prior to submitting your application.

Following on from our pilot which ran from mid 2019, our 2020 Programme is open and available for half price for subscription till 20/12/2019. In registering your school at this discounted rate, you have agreed to provide qualitative and quantitative analysis of how your Grow Programme is working in your school. This data will be collated via a simple on line survey emailed to all registered teachers before, during and at the end of 2020 school year and made available to the DET in your state.

Passwords may not be shared. All teachers who require access to the resources must be registered and agree to Terms and Conditions.

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