About Evan Connell


I have worked as an IT professional in a range of roles for over 25 years. These roles have included: the establishment of international networks across 27 countries, undertaking major contracts for Government Departments and private sector companies, and owning and managing my own companies.

I am an accredited Microsoft, Linux and Novell engineer and have the capacity to program in 16 computer languages. My specific expertise lies in the design, implementation, maintenance and security of computer networks, including 256bit data encryption.

As companies stopped using servers and started moving towards internet or ‘cloud’ based systems, I started to diversify my skills by moving into website development, digital marketing and online integration. The breadth of my skills and experience enables me to work effectively on any IT related project or contract in government or the private sector.

I have managed and led teams of up to 40 staff and would bring a suite of established leadership skills and experience.


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