The Grow Programme is all about capturing, developing and maintaining creative and divergent thinking in students. It provides a teacher supervised, online teaching resource using a real world micro business model that embraces and demonstrates new technologies. It begins with your organisation and your community.  Our mission is to establish a brand that is synonymous with nurturing mindfulness, encouraging creative, critical and holistic thinking whilst redirecting profits from everyday items back into your community. The Grow Programme is about the future of the workforce, the changing nature of contemporary workplaces and preparing students for the new economy.

Linking Sustainability to your Grow Programme


We have developed a range of reusable products to sit with your teaching programme. These can be decorated in student art and purchased in bulk through which is a distributor of promotional products.

New products are being added to our range all the time. Usually the minimum quantity is 100 units and the most economical printing is in one colour  – we can do full colour printing on some products – ask for advise on your proposed artwork for decoration. Your Grow Programme shop can only have Grow Programme Products. Contact us with your specific requirements. We have selected reusable shopping bags and Tote bags, drink ware and cooler items as they are gender neutral and every household is currently purchasing these products with the increased awareness of sustainability. We supply products in bulk to your school and it is up to you to work within your business structure to decide on your decoration and selling price. email for product and decoration advice.


Getting Started


Register your school via our online Registration Form and we will be back to you with steps to go forward with your Grow Programme which includes.


  • Your comprehensive 34 week Teaching Programme.
  • Access to the online Teacher Noticeboard.
  • Your online shop with online support.
  • Your online resources centre.
  • Your online art gallery
  • Grow Into Great Job Mentoring Programme




For parents, friends and organisations, The Grow Programme provides a really easy way to generate funds for your organisation. It addresses the issue of busy working parents, who are time poor, and to actively engage with their school community outside of the school. It is also a way to sell products that EVERY household will need and be buying. Your parents and friends can link with your schools academic activities, essentially linking your entire community with one objective.