The Grow Programme for High Schools


What we know…

  • Schools need to keep pace with the new online economy which is constantly changing.
  • Teachers are time poor and budgets are tight.
  • Experiential and project learning works.
  • Not all students are suited to traditional ways of learning and not all students want or need to go to university to be successful.
  • Research as far back as 2007 proves conclusively that great student outcomes can be generated using a hands on approach to demonstrate the relevance of STEAM subjects to real life.
  • Students need skills and information relating to the ever changing  job market and new economy.


The Grow Programme Solution – Skills for the New Economy via a Sustainability Model.

  • The Grow Programme uses the issue of sustainability to teach the process that converts an entrepreneurial idea into a real business.
  • We have developed Australia’s first e-commerce teaching system.
  • Our focus is on taking a mindful approach to understanding,consumption, business and how skills relate to employment.
  • Students apply creative,divergent thinking in a hands on project based programme.
  • Students work towards an agreed set of business goals  – working both individually and collaboratively.
  • The Grow Programme demonstrates how every job role is Important.
  • “Having a go” in a safe, supervised  environment builds confidence and a “can do attitude”.
  • Making mistakes in a safe environment results in greater resilience and problem solving skills  – skills that are valued in the real world.
  • No textbooks, just a contemporary “hands on” approach to teaching and learning.
  • Students do not handle cash – all transactions can be online.
  • As individual and group confidence builds, so does the level of sophistication within the Grow Programme.
  • The Grow Programme shop can begin in year 7 and go with your students to year 12 or sit with single projects.
  • Parents and Friends and local community groups can play an active role in supporting the programme and its focus on community projects.
  • Teachers are supported every step of the way  – One online location for the comprehensive 34 week teaching programme,  resources, products,connection with other schools , online support and more.
  • The sale of your sustainable products goes towards your programme and back into your school projects, in other words the system can be self funded.


In New South Wales – The Grow Programme sits with formal qualifications

Certificate II 20113 Skills for Work and Vocational Pathways
Certificate II Business Services
Certificate III Retail

Curriculum Areas

Work Education 7-10
Work Studies Stage 6
Business Studies

In School Work Experience – in school – Online

Approved by D.E.T NSW as student work experience  – conducted online.

Linking Sustainability to your Grow Programme

We have developed a range of reusable products to sit with your teaching programme. These can be decorated in student art and purchased in bulk through www.thegrowprogramme/

Usually the minimum quantity is 100 units and the most economical printing is in one colour  – keep in mind we can print multiple colours or full colour printing on some products – ask for advice on your proposed artwork for decoration. Your Grow Programme shop can only have Grow Programme Products. We have selected reusable shopping bags and tote bags, drink ware and cooler items as they are gender neutral and every household is currently purchasing these products with the increased awareness of sustainability. We supply your printed products in bulk to your school and it is up to you to work within your micro business structure to decide on your selling strategies, pricing, and distribution. We recommend that you seek out the support of a local business for customer pick up of products or you can use the Australia Post system built into your online shop.


Getting Started

Register your school via our online Registration Form and we will be back to you with steps to go forward with your Grow Programme which includes.


  • Your comprehensive 34 week Teaching Programme.
  • Access to the online Teacher Noticeboard.
  • Your online shop with online support.
  • Your online resources centre.
  • Your online art gallery
  • Grow Into Great Job Mentoring is available – terms and conditions apply